A "joint" effort

We utilize a multi-faceted approach that calls upon both timeless philanthropic techniques and novel methods to make a difference while also empowering local philanthropists by giving them the tools and opportunities they need to help contribute to our mission.


Part of supporting the fight against bone cancer means educating people on the disease, creating a forum for discussion and reprieve, and a database for those looking to connect with others like them and those who may be able to help them. We continuously work to curate the aforementioned and other content for anyone who need the support.


We create volunteer opportunities that serve not only our mission, but that allow for expansion into the areas of service that matter most to our volunteers! If you aren’t passionate about it, you can’t support it. We understand that and want to help you find what makes you motivated to do good. Ranging from joining our team and working with our leadership to volunteering at your community cancer clinic.

Pet Therapy

Pet therapy has been shown to be an extremely effective technique in improving patient quality of life, mental health and overall health outcomes. Here at bone for bone we hope to use this powerful tool to bring smiles and health to people suffering. By working with clinics and hospitals to create pet therapy programs and helping pet owners interested in finding ways to get their pets certified as therapy animals we can bring joy to those who need it most.

Beta Phi Beta Chapters

We believe in the power of community and recognize each community has its own needs. Beta Phi Beta is a service fraternity that can be established at your academic institute or community center and functions to create a platform for students and volunteers to help our national organization with its mission and also to identify service opportunities for you in your area that are pertinent to the challenges your localities may face.

Pet Philanthropy

Our organization's mission is four-fold with one of those tenants being our passion to improve the lives of animals and encourage their proper treatment. The impact our furry friends have on our quality of life needs to be repaid in kind, and it is our promise to do just that by donating proceeds and partnering to help everyone who feels the same way, from local pet shelters to national animal advocacy groups.


Be it our heart, bone and soul annual fundraiser, or our bone for bone gala and designer dog show. We have devised several unique fundraising models with detailed steps so as to enhance the efficiency and impact we can make together while also bringing fun and joy to your neighborhood

Join the cause

We need all paws on deck

By contributing to our mission you can be an integral part in giving those suffering the tools and hope they need to keep fighting bone cancer.